Networking ... Where Business Relationships Begin and Opportunities Abound


Do you know that networking benefits your business - but the very thought fills you with dread?
Does attending events where you are expected to participate, drain you of energy?
Do you avoid networking for fear of not knowing what to say, what to do or who to talk to?
Introverts face some unique challenges when it comes to networking in a business world that seems to reward more extraverted behavior...
But there is GOOD NEWS - what you may not yet realize is that the very traits you have as an introvert, can be your most valuable assets when it comes to meeting new people and building relationships. 
I know how you feel - I'm an introvert myself, and I've written 'Pain-free Networking for Introverts' to share my journey from being anxious and lost at business events, to confident and competent in my ability to truly connect and BUILD TRUST. 


I've worked out strategies – easy things we can do to reduce and eventually REMOVE all the PAIN of networking and MAXIMIZE the REWARDS.

I want to share them with you so you don’t have to go through the same struggles that I did.

 Networking has brought so much to my life - wonderful business connections and referrals of course ... but also friendships, travel, being part of projects that make the world a better place, and even romance. 

In short, networking is about OPPORTUNITIES - DON"T MISS OUT! 

Discover the 6 Secret Advantages Introverts have when networking

As an introvert, you may not realise the  networking super-powers you already have. In my free guide, you'll learn how to maximise your introvert advantage to develop a mindset for confidence, go from surviving to THRIVING at network events, and build meaningful business connections with ease!

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What People Are Saying About 'Pain-Free Networking For Introverts'


“Sally has achieved what many may think is the impossible. She shows how networking can truly be pain-free for introverts. What I loved is that Sally really knows her stuff when it comes to this. She delivers simple tips and personal insights with infectious enthusiasm, warmth and humour. I found light bulb moments on almost every page and I’m now ready to take my networking to the next level thanks to Sally.”

Kylie Fennell


“This book is so friendly and easy to read! It has everything that would have helped me get started is in there and some great tips I didn't know”

Teri Harvey

Administration Manager

“Sally’s insight into networking for introverts is straight from the heart and proves that we can all achieve what she has achieved - pain-free networking. This book should be on every networkers ‘must-read’ list, regardless of where they are on the Introvert/Extravert spectrum. The easy to follow, step-by-step process provides the perfect road map for making every networking session successful and pain-free. I will certainly be using the strategies I’ve learned from Sally’s expertise, firstly, to develop my networking skills, and secondly, to ‘un-learn’ the bad habits I’ve fallen into over the years.  Now, with a copy of Pain-free Networking for Introverts tucked securely under my arm, I’m going to take on the networking world and do it with confidence, via competence - with the emphasis on ‘competence’. Thank you, Sally. This book is a networking game-changer.”

Maureen Durney