Friends of Sally

So many of my wonderful friends are authors or creators of some kind. It’s my pleasure to introduce some of them, and their works, to you.

Books that I have found personally found very helpful, inspirational, educational, enlightening or even just entertaining have found their way to this page too. Love sharing the love!

In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I may receive a tiny commission if you purchase something via a link on this page – or I may not. Regardless, only people and products I believe in and want to support are featured here.

The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party (Tessa’s Books of Elegance Book 1)

Selling You: Become Well Known, Well Paid and Wanted – Personal Branding Practical Guidebook

Selling You – Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me: A practical guide to develop your personal brand and generate more income from your expertise

How to Master Networking

The Retail Experiment: Five proven strategies to engage and excite customers through in-store experience

A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me: Top Tips for Wise Kids

Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You?

The Big Book of Small Business: The number 1 guide to growing, prospering and succeeding today: The 1 Guide to Growing, Prospering and Succeeding Today

Bulletproof Your Business Now

Unbreakable: An Inspirational Story From The Man With Nine Lives

The Magpie’s Call

I’ll Be Six Next Birthday (The Adam Mann Series Book 1)

The Condamine Bell

Self-Publishing Success; The Word: Defined, Dedicated, Determined

Inspire Your Fire: Creative Innovation through Authorship

The Hospitality Survival Guide: How to Survive and Thrive in the Hospitality Industry

Dangerous Animals In The Home: My Abuse. The Bigger Picture

Oskar and the Bear

Take A Big Breath: 20 Relaxation Exercises for Kids

Perfect Parents Perfect Children: Changing the World by Celebrating our Perfection

The PR Ripple Effect: Create Waves With Your Story

I Fly: True Stories of Overcoming Adversity

Lighthouse: An Anthology

Change Makers : 22 Transformational Stories From Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others (IWD Edition)

MidLife Mojo: 12 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Healthy MidLife Weight

The Queenmakers Saga Box Set (Books 1-4): Sexy Epic Fantasy Romance Series

The Lady and the Pirate: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novel (Queenmakers Saga Book 6)