Top Networking Secret Revealed – Connect with a ‘hub’

wheel hub

A ‘hub’ is your secret weapon and your Number One Go-To in the world of networking – connecting with a hub is GOLD so look for them and then look after them like the treasure they are.

In networking terms, a hub is that person who networks regularly, turns up in all sorts of places and seems to know almost everybody. A hub is also a consummate networker – they are givers, not takers. They are open, generous and love to connect people for the mutual benefit of the two parties involved – and they do this without any expectation of benefit to themselves.

Hubs are also big believers in reciprocity, that what goes around comes around. They believe that by helping good people out, even more good people come into their lives … and some will become friends and advocates of the hub.

Knowledge is power – and hubs know a lot of people!   They know who does what, and even more importantly, have great instincts as to who to trust and who to be wary of – a hub will only recommend people they trust. A hub’s reputation depends strongly on the quality of the referrals they give – and a hub guards their reputation like the gold that it is.

So get to know a hub or two – be willing to learn from them, consider them a role model, help them in any way you can and let them get to see that you have the right attitude towards networking and business – and they will help you.

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